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The Beach House

Building your dream beach house

With all the details taken care of, building your dream beach house has never been easier. Planning permission has been granted for an 8 bedroom “fort” style beach house to be built on the beautiful land of Kisiwa Kitau. Complete with a fully-costed package of Architects’ drawings, a Project Manager is awaiting instruction from the competition winner to begin building.

About the beach house

The current beach house plans at Kisiwa Kitau are a modern take on a traditional Swahili stone house. Centred around a tropical central courtyard, the house comprises four towers, each one with its own charm and character. The architect has taken inspiration from the nearby battery fort known as Ras Kitau, originally built by the Portuguese to protect Lamu from invaders. The beach house walls are two metres thick in places, anchoring the house while keeping interiors cool. Internal rooms have large folding doors opening to three internal courtyards allowing air to circulate. With three main Omani style front doors open wide, you’ll welcome the Indian Ocean breeze.

8 Bedroom Suites

8 bedroom suites in 4 “towers”


Private courtyard garden

Swimming Pool

21m long outside swimming pool

Cinema Room

Cinema room accessed by secret corridor


Air conditioned quality Gym

Master Suite & Garden

Private views of the setting sun

Solar Power

Solar power and rainwater harvesting

Mezzanine dining room

Mezzanine dining room overlooking Indian Ocean

Suites with Garden & Pool

Suites have private garden and plunge pool

A fortress inspired beach house

  • This unique property extends to over 30,000 sq ft.
  • The beachfront entrance is a two-storey high door made of wooden lattice which when open gives an Indian Ocean view from the 1st floor mezzanine dining room.
  • The Indian Ocean side of the house will also comprise a fully-equipped inside/outside kitchen and lounge which overlook the stone patio and pool.
  • Above the lounge is the master bedroom with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, complete with a private first floor walled garden.
  • A 21m long swimming pool, framed by Baobab, Tamarind and Acacia trees.
  • The pool extends to the end of the garden where a wooden deck is located near to the high tide mark.

Beautiful Indian Ocean views

  • A Juliet balcony in one of the Master bedrooms which overlooks the main courtyard with stunning views of the Indian Ocean.
  • Courtyard garden with covered galleries and a grand 5.5m wide staircase leading to the first floor, perfect for capturing group photos.
  • The courtyard is accessed through the main gate which is an omani studded timber door. This is one of two entrances into the property.
  • A 25m long courtyard brimming with lush tropical foliage including palms, bamboos, native trees and shrubs.

A tropical paradise dream

  • The main courtyard gates spanning 5.5m and 3.5m tall are accessed via a timber bridge which spans a spiky cacti infested “dry moat” beside the house.
  • The architecture is inspired by a nearby ruin known as Ras Kitau battery fort with 400 year old canons still in place, this is just 5 meters from Kisiwa Kitau.
  • Towers three and four can be accessed by crossing the courtyard or walking the hallways and galleries which are topped with bougainvillea supporting pergolas.
  • Private plunge pools for each of the ground floor suites.
  • There are tall and narrow windows to allow shafts of light to play on the internal stone surfaces.


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